Anova, a New Jersey-based provider of industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions has announced a merger with Silicon Controls.

The new partnership will allow Anova to enhance its role in supporting the LPG and propane industry globally. Through the merger, Anova will also increase its presence, and the availability of industrial IoT in Europe, offer relevant business models to an expanding Asian and South American market, and support the rapidly growing use of technology across North America.

“With a reputation for taking a consultative partnership approach to logistics transformation, we have secured a strong market presence and installed base,” said Mike Neurman, Silicon Controls CEO. 

“Collectively, we are reducing winter overtime, minimising miles per stop, improving safety and productivity, and addressing the growing decarbonisation conundrum,” said Robert Battye, Vice-President of Silicon Controls North America.

The merger was motivated by a shared approach to customer engagement, innovation and global engineering capabilities in tank telemetry, telecommunications, cloud applications and mobile platform. The companies combined capabilities will enable Anova to help its customer base transform logistics and redefine consumer services.

“Our customers need a dependable partner that is heavily invested in developing next-generation technology solutions that will not only provide the lowest cost of ownership, but, quite simply, make their lives easier,” said Chet Reshamwala, CEO of Anova.

“The new Anova team has over 90 years of LPG ad propane experience and intends to build on that, ensuring our customers have access to the best technology, equipment, partners and people support our customers’ needs.”