Anova has today (30th March) launched its new Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform for industrial gas producers and distributors, the Anova Transcend IoT Platform™.

Building on 30 years of Anova’s experience and industry expertise, Anova Transcend revels broad insights into the industrial gases supply chain by integrating data from multiple monitored tanks and advanced system platform.

Whilst using the platform, users will gain insight from data and customisable dashboards displaying information collected from multiple tanks, vaporisers, pipelines and other advanced systems.

Now fully operational, Avova Transcend already monitors over 70,000 cryogenic tanks and 8,000 advanced systems assets globally, delivering near real-time processing speeds with user friendly experience.

Commenting on the launch, Kevin Lynch, Senior Vice-President of Industrial Gases at Anova, said, “With Anova Transcend, our customers have the ability to bring together, in one place, key metrics, such as tank level and pressure, along with advance systems flow rates, ambient temperatures, pressure and other variables.” 

“This offers an incredible ability to speed and extend the digitisation of the supply chain beyond tanks, painting a more extensive, accurate, and actionable view of the operations.”

Chet Reshamwala, CEO of Anova, added, “Our industrial gases team, led by Kevin Lynch, has developed new, incredible solutions to not only remotely monitor industrial gases tanks, but also adjacent equipment like vaporisers, compressors pipelines and PLC’s, enabling enhanced predictive analytics across more of our customers’ businesses.” 

“Much of this was borne out of the need of the past year as our customers requested more IoT solutions to remotely monitor industrial equipment in real-time. With Anova Transcend, our industry can now achieve more far-reaching digitalisation of supply chains.”