Messer is optimising its logistics, tank sizing and production through the implementation of Anova solutions as part of a long-standing relationship.

Focused on assets in the US and Canada, the collaboration has been described as instrumental in advancing the digitalisation of Messer’s supply chain, full payload deliveries and improved driver utilisation.

Anova’s wide-ranging solutions portfolio serves a broad range of Messer’s use cases, within zone that require general electrical classification, intrinsically safe, of explosion-proof models.

Each solution has been API-integrated with Messer’s logistics and distribution platform.

Kevin Lynch, Senior Vice-President of Industrial Gases at Anova, said, “We deeply value our long history serving Messer.”

“Our solutions provide customers new insight and an incredible ability to speed and extend the digitation of the supply chain, driving new efficiencies in their operations.”

“It’s a privilege to work with Messer in helping them realise supply chain efficiency and driver resource optimisation.”