Remote tank telemetry solutions company Anova has today (29th June) officially launched its brand-new product for energy marketers to deliver accurate daily tank level readings with optional GPS location.

Dubbed the Anova Universal Tank Monitor LPWAN (Anova UTM LPWAN), the New Jersery-based firm’s latest innovation has the ability to work with multiple tanks, simultaneously leveraging long-range, low-power communications with global roaming.

In order to achieve all the above, the product delivers its tank readings via Sigfox or LoRA.

Chet Reshamwala, CEO at Anova, said, “We want to give our customers more control of their tank monitoring solutions and provide them with optimal ways to increase profits. The Anova UTM LPWAN does just that.”

“Customers are our priority, and our methodology reflects Anova’s ‘customer first’ mindset. Extending our Hardware-as-a-Service product line to include a more compact version of the UTM delivering tank level readings via Sigfox or LoRa makes the UTM LPWAN affordable with easy installation anywhere.”

“Our advanced analytics to monitor tanks makes Anova the trusted remote tank monitoring partner.


Source: Anova

Already, Anova customers are utilising the UTM LPWAN product, with Olivier Magaud, Operations Director Antargaz and Telemetry Project leader at UGI International, stating, “We are delighted to see our input to Anova reflected in the new UTM-LPWAN tank monitor. This affordable and versatile device will truly help advance the digitalisation of our industry.”