Ahead of a potential third wave of Covid-19, Peruvian container terminal operating company APM Terminals Callao (APMT) is to provide the Regional Government of Callao, Peru, with an oxygen plant.

Capable of supplying 24 oxygen cylinders per day, the new plant will be located in the Freddy Ternero Sports Training Centre in the Ventanilla district of the city.

APMT has previously supplied Callao hospitals and health centres with more than 43,000 units of personal protective equipment.

Joel Ganoza, Manager of Community Relations and Social Responsbility, AMPT Callao, spoke about the need for community support, saying, “This has never been more important than during recent difficult times with the pandemic.”

“With a potential third wave of Covid-19, we have made no exception and will continue providing all possible support.”

The new plant is due to begin operations this month (September 2021).