Linde North America, Inc., will be using visual browsing app Blippar® to attract young innovators to its information booth at the 2015 Shell Eco-marathon, one of the world’s most challenging student innovation competitions.

Blippar is a visual browsing app that uses image-recognition and augmented reality technologiesto overlay the physical world with digital content via a smart phone camera. Linde plans to use this exciting technology to introduce event attendees in Linde capabilities, as well spark interest of the young innovators in Linde advanced technology and clean energy as a possible career opportunity. The event, which will be held in Detroit, Michigan, on April 9-12, has attracted more than 136 teams of college and high school students from across the Americas to take to the track to see who travels farthest on the least amount of fuel.

“We want to make the experience fun for them and at the same time give them an idea of how Linde gases impact people’s lives, including zero-emissions hydrogen fuel cell vehicles that will impact the future,” said Sheila Eggert, head of Talent Management, Americas. “We’ll ask them to share our enthusiasm for renewable energy by taking a selfie, and sharing it on Twitter or Instagram with #FutureWithLinde for a chance to win an HP Tablet. We’re using technology that these young people are familiar with to make it an enjoyable experience.”

Linde will be supporting 12 hydrogen fuel cell teams and will supply ready-to-install hydrogen gas cylinders for their cars.