Applied Cryo Technologies (ACT) has launched a new line of vertical bulk storage tanks it is calling the Vertical Customer Station (VCS) series. 

Available in range from 1,500 - 15,500 gallons, they are intended for storing LIN, LAR, LOX, and LNG, and are customized according to the user’s application.

“Not only does this new product allow ACT to serve our customers more completely but it also reiterates ACT’s commitment to US manufacturing,” said Bob Ernull, President of ACT.

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“Call us old-fashioned but we believe in keeping manufacturing jobs right here in America and by doing this we will be able to maintain a superior level of quality that our customers deserve.”

The tanks, which are made on-hand in ACT’s facility in Houston, Texas, are manufactured without perlite, using super insulation (MLE), and are high vacuum. Other selling points include:

  • Seven year vacuum warranty – longest in industry
  • All designs meet Seismic Zone 4 requirements (UBC 1997 Edition)
  • 100 percent radiography
  • Ergonomically designed external piping circuit for easy access to control valves (designed and tested per ASME B31.3)
  • Stainless steel piping circuits (piping and valve bodies) designed for durability and low maintenance
  • Extended bonnet control valves
  • Combination economizer/pressure building regulator allows for simple operator on-site adjustments
  • Superior Paint System, including high durable epoxy prime and high gloss urethane finish
  • Options: telemetry, tank-mounted pressure building coils, tank-mounted vaporizers

ACT’s super-insulation techniques provide superior hold times, normal evaporation rate (NER) percent, and lower pressure rise, with greater thermal performance over perlite.

Premier choice

“ACT is a premier choice for cryogenic storage and distribution equipment with its cost effective turn-key solutions, custom tailored designs, and true understanding of customer needs and applications,” added Ernull.

Customization options include bulk tank size, single or dual vaporizer, automated vaporizer switches, final line control manifold, and a vacuum jacketed piping circuit.