Air Products is set to launch next generation wave soldering for the electronics assembly and packaging industry. The official release will take place at the IPC APEX Expo in Las Vegas on 12th April and according to the firm, addresses some of the key challenges posed by applying nitrogen inerting in wave soldering.

The North American company harnesses its patented designs to enable efficient nitrogen use. The new-generation technology allows customers to reduce manufacturing and material costs, including nitrogen flow rates, and in doing so, significantly increase soldering joint quality.

Greg Arslanian, Global Manager for Electronics Packaging, Assembly and Test at Air Products explained the process, “Through extensive research, both in-house and with our customers, we have added new features to our existing system that overcome key challenges of applying nitrogen inerting in wave soldering. This optimized system has demonstrated dramatic results, including significantly reduced key defects and dross formation in day-on-day production.”

But what is uptake like on technology such as this? Given that the technology is at a formative stage, demand is already evident by the 50-some units currently in place at electronic assembly companies across the globe.

Air Products are holding a conference session later this month to explain and explore this innovation in more detail. Christine Dong, Ph.D., Lead Research Scientist with the firm is set to present detailed technical insights, laboratory evaluations and trial data at the IPC APEX Expo on Tuesday 12th April.