Danish dry ice equipment producer Aquila Triventek has received certification of its RE160 CO2 recovery unit from TÜV.

Based in Germany, TÜV is an international active, independent service provider focusing on the areas of safety, efficiency and quality.

Aquila Triventek’s certificate is based on how much CO2 gas it can convert into liquid CO2.

It states that RE160 can re-liquify a minimum of 160kg per hour. This means that when producing one tonne of dry ice, you save 1.06 tonnes of liquid CO2. This means a saving of approximately 43 % of CO2, Aquila Triventek said.

“The test was done in Germany with a different brand pelletiser,” Aquila Triventek explained.

“The same customer has now purchased several units which he offers in combination with his own sales of pelletisers.”

Aquila Triventek’s CO2 recovery systems is mainly for small to midsize producers of dry ice. However, both small and large producers have an obligation to reduce carbon emissions resulting from production of dry ice, the company said.

RE160 UNI fritlagt m. logo

Source: Aquila Triventek

“It is not just the production of dry ice that needs to be considered. The logistic of both dry ice and liquid CO2 is a big part of the problem,” Aquila Triventek said.

“Implementing CO2 recovery means:

  • Putting value to the 55-60 % wasted gas by turning into dry ice.
  • Less refill of the CO2 tank.
  • Reduce emissions from less transportation of LCO2.
  • Reduce your production costs.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by reducing your waste co2 gas.
  • Reduce your risk of lack of supply during CO2 shortage.”

“Too often customers are focusing only on the return of their investment based on price of LCO2 and production quantity of dry ice but with the above-mentioned arguments maybe this should not be the only argument.”

“Just installing one CO2 recovery unit can be of benefit to the producer.”

“Another strategy of reducing CO2 emissions is to implement decentralization of dry ice production facilities nearer the dry ice consumers.”

“The CO2 recovery systems from Aquila Triventek has some further advantages, we can connect to all possible pelletizer brands and we do not interfer with the existing CO2 tank installation.”

“We can connect several units to adapt to your capacity and the small footprint ensures low demand for space for installation. The units are easy to operate.”