Hydrogen (H2) energy expert Arcola Energy has helped to establish the largest H2 vehicle fleet in the UK, having now sold or leased 32 of Renault’s Kangoo ZE-H2 electric vans.

London-based Arcola is the UK representative for Symbio FCell, a French corporation that specialises in the design and industrialisation of H2 fuel cell systems in the 5-300kW power range. Arcola provides sales, deployment and technical support within the UK.

By incorporating a fuel cell range extender produced by Symbio FCell, this latest development means the fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) can travel approximately 250 miles on a single tank of H2.

Dr Ben Todd, Arcola Energy’s Manging Director, enthused, “The H2 transport revolution is taking off. One of the issues facing transport managers seeking a truly zero-carbon solution for their vehicle fleets has been the restricted range of battery-only electric vehicles.”

“The solution – now available in the UK exclusively from Arcola Energy – means that fleets can operate effectively either from a local base which we can provide with our partners, or via the network of H2 refuelling stations which has been established across the country over the past few years and which continues to grow.”

Steve Tindall, Arcola Energy’s National Fleet Manager, added, “Using the Symbio range extender, I believe we now have an electric vehicle that is both commercially and operationally viable. A combination of increasing customer demand for zero-emission, extended-range vehicles and government-supported development of a comprehensive, UK-wide H2 refuelling infrastructure is seeing this ‘quiet revolution’ continue apace.” 

Arcola, ITM-Power and Symbio FCell first announced plans of a tripartite, H2-powered van fleet roll-out deal in October 2015.