French manufacturer AREVA H2Gen has designed a new, large capacity electrolysis plant.

The new 60MW plant concept will produce hydrogen (H2) via the latest generation electrolysers.

The electrolysis site (below), which is based on proton membrane exchange technology (PEM) technology, will produce H2 for global industrial applications.

Arevah2gen production plant

Source: AREVA H2Gen

Areva H2Gen will reveal this concept at Hannover Messe this week in Germany, along with its 1MW stack technology which forms the heart of the plant.

The stack is the first step towards the design and production of a 2MW stack which the company is developing to ‘gear up’ its PEM electrolysis plants. The company’s PEM electrolysis technology is the result of more than 25 years of research and development (R&D).

The company inaugurated the first ever plant in France dedicated to manufacturing electrolysers in June last year. Located in Les Ulis, the facility produces around 30 electrolysers each year.

Both plants seek to serve France’s booming fuel cell vehicle (FCV) and renewable energy markets, as they produce totally decarbonised energy.