A company that pioneers in the manufacture of energy efficient lighting solutions has shown its latest lighting offering, which utilises argon gas in a high energy process to produce a more natural spectrum of light.

The light bulb is small in size and about the same size as a Tic Tac mint sweet, but emits light equivalent to 140 lumens per watt. In comparison, an ordinary light bulb emits approximately 15 lumens per watt and a high end LED emits about 70 lumens per watt. This translates as the tiny bulb being around ten times more efficient than traditional incandescent lamps.

Argon gas inside the small light bulb is electrified inside a metal ring called a puck, which then heats the gas in the bulb into plasma and this produces light. The gas inside the bulb reaches around 6000 degrees Kelvin and as the energy becomes light rather than released as heat, the tiny bulb is able to produce a more natural and effective spectrum of light.

The life expectancy of the light bulb is at least 20,000 hours before reaching half-life.

Luxim is described as ‘a pioneer and volume manufacturer of energy-efficient lighting solutions that offer reliable and extraordinarily compact technology for high-intensity applications.’