Arizona Governor Doug Ducey and Nikola Motor Company has selected Buckeye, Arizona for its Nikola Motor Company hydrogen (H2)-electric semi-truck manufacturing headquarters facility.

The new 500 acre, one million square foot facility will be located on the west side of Phoenix and will bring more than $1bn in capital investment to the region by 2024.

Trevor Milton, CEO and founder, Nikola Motor Company, commented, “After 12 months, nine states and 30 site locations, Arizona, Governor Ducey, Sandra Watson and Chris Camacho were the clear front runners. Arizona has the workforce to support our growth and a governor that was an entrepreneur himself. They understood what 2,000 jobs would mean to their cities and state.”

He continued, “We will begin transferring our R&D and headquarters to Arizona immediately and hope to have the transition completed by October 2018. We have already begun planning the construction for our new zero emission manufacturing facility in Buckeye, which we expect to have underway by the end of 2019.”

“This incredible new technology will revolutionise transportation, and we’re very proud it will be engineered right here in Arizona.”

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey

Nikola Motor Company designs and manufactures H2-electric vehicles, electric vehicle drivetrains, vehicle components, energy storage systems and H2-stations. The company is bringing the nation’s most advanced semi-trucks to market with over 8,000 trucks on pre-order.

Nikola Motor Company selected Buckeye, Arizona due to numerous factors including the state’s pro-business environment, engineering schools, educated workforce and geographic location that provides direct access to major markets.

“Nikola Motor Company’s selection of Arizona demonstrates that we are leading the charge when it comes to attracting innovative, industry-disrupting companies,” said Governor Ducey. “This incredible new technology will revolutionise transportation, and we’re very proud it will be engineered right here in Arizona. I thank Nikola’s CEO Trevor Milton and his entire team for this significant investment in our state.”

“Conceived as the prototype ‘Smart City’, Trillium at Douglas Ranch aligns well with Nikola Motors ground-breaking technology,” said Jerry Colangelo, Co-Founder & Partner with David Eaton and Mel Shultz of JDM Partners. “We look forward to working with everyone here to bring Nikola’s innovative products and their 2,000 professionals into this city of the future, creating a tremendous economic opportunity for Arizona.”

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