ARM, Inc. has released its new line of process and specialty gas purifiers, the Pro-Panel Series, for use in applications where trace gas impurities and/or particulate can cause false results or reduce yields.

The Pro-Panel Series purifiers are sized for use in small areas such as analytical/medical/pharmaceutical laboratories, and small volume production of systems and components requiring low parts per billion (ppb) or better impurity levels.

They are ideal for argon, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, and numerous other gases use in analytical equipment, semiconductor processing, medical testing, R&D laboratories, specialty processing and high purity welding.

With a variety of fill materials for both heated and ambient operation, the Pro-Panel series purifiers can remove a very wide range of impurities from nearly any gas, at operating pressures up to 250 psi, and flow rates up to 300 standard liters per minute.

The Pro-Panel Series purifiers are housed in a wall mountable metal enclosure, and include a heater jacket, thermocouple, factory set temperature controller, alarm contacts for integrating with lab monitoring systems, and operational status lights.

Inlet/outlet connections are made via metal gasket face seal fittings or optional tube compression fittings. Electrical hookup is via an included cord and plug for connection to optional 120/240VAC 50/60Hz input power.

Purity is assured with use of electro-polished, <10Ra finish, 316L stainless steel for all wetted surfaces, high purity full penetration orbital welding, and factory installed sealed caps on the inlet/outlet connections after activation. All sizes of the Pro-Panel Series purifiers are offered with a 0.5µm integral filter, or for more stringent requirements, an optional 0.003µm integral filter, ready for installation and operation out of the box.