ASCO\\$quot;s policy of providing a full range of CO2 and dry ice equipment means it is more than just a one or two product company. The company\\$quot;s motto \\$quot;all about CO2\\$quot; is obvious when you look at their extensive catalogue. CO2 production and recovery plants from 70 to 1000kg/hr can be linked to static and transportable storage tanks, cylinder filling stations and dry ice machines, which form integrated process installations.

Dry ice blasting is just one CO2 use that ASCO has concentrated on. Over ten years ago the company saw the potential benefits of using small dry ice pellets to blast clean a wide variety of materials. In the meantime ASCO dedicated an own brand name to its dry ice blasting technology and has dry ice blasting customers in all kind of industries all around the world. ASCOJET means complete and individual solutions which are tailored to the specific needs of its customers. Well embedded in the whole CO2 background ASCOJET therefore not only means dry ice blasting machines but also the whole affiliated range of products and services including dry ice storage, CO2 safety devices, dry ice production, CO2 recovery or further going solutions containing CO2 delivery, noise control projects, automation or other special projects and customised products.

All about CO2 does not only mean a complete product range. Further more and above all it means complete and individual CO2 solutions including professional consultation and best possible after sales attention. This starts with plant installation and commissioning work and continues for the life of the plant with a full spares supply and free quality advice. ASCO retain skilled teams of engineers in Europe and New Zealand that can readily support all ASCO equipment on-site wherever it is around the globe.

Recognising that its clients want reliability and longevity from equipment in demanding conditions, ASCO has not compromised on build or component quality. ASCO says the result is genuine value for money plants that can be relied on to make quality CO2 and dry ice without excessive maintenance.

ASCO\\$quot;s group MD, Thomas Trachsel, keeps in touch with his global client base with a regular newsletter and comprehensive web site and sees a bright future for the group. \\$quot;Our strategically placed and closely controlled operations plus our expanding product range and service will ensure we survive any lean times and prosper in the good times. And our factories in Europe and Asia/Pacific allow us to quickly seize opportunities in those regions.

\\$quot;We are big enough to do it yet small enough to care,\\$quot; Trachesel sums up ASCO\\$quot;s formula for success.

ASCO\\$quot;s Swiss / New Zealand locations

ASCO is well placed to supply a growing global client base///

The connection with New Zealand is an interesting one. Back in the early 70\\$quot;s ASCO was an agent for the New Zealand based CO2 and dry ice plant maker Carbonic Industries but in 1987 ASCO decided it liked their products so much it bought the company to secure access to their plant range. Since then the Swiss/New Zealand combination has worked just as well for ASCO as it has for the current holders of yachting\\$quot;s America\\$quot;s Cup! That combination has recently been enhanced in a similar way with the addition of dry ice equipment specialists, ASCO France, formerly Diffusion Hydraulique.

ASCO\\$quot;s roots go back over 80 years to when the company was a CO2 and dry ice manufacturer. That experience of making and selling the end product was used to design and build CO2 and dry ice plants for export and today ASCO has customers in over 100 countries. Most clients are involved in the carbonated beverage industry but a number supply local markets with CO2 for industrial uses such as welding and some provide dry ice for transit cooling or dry ice blasting purposes.

In addition to its core plant business, the Swiss and New Zealand operations include CO2 gas and dry ice sales to significant client bases.

Despite being in the CO2 industry for decades, ASCO always pioneers new uses that keep being found for CO2/dry ice; pest fumigation, curing concrete, wine making, dry ice blasting, tobacco expansion and water treatment, show CO2\\$quot;s diversity. ASCO is currently fostering links with German robotic companies that add to that diversity.