Swiss based company, ASCO, has supplied BMW GROUP with a complete dry ice logistics solution.

The BMW Group use non-abrasive dry ice blasting technology to clean its ingot moulds and core boxes in their aluminium foundry and for other applications. ASCO has delivered a complete dry ice logistics solution to BMW group so that the dry ice can be produced in-house.

ASCO\\$quot;s complete dry ice logistics solutions consist of one or several dry ice production units (so-called dry ice pelletizers), CO2 storage tank and just-in-time delivery of liquid CO2. The benefits of in-house dry ice production are:

Better and faster cleaning results
The fresher the dry ice, the more effective the cleaning as dry ice stored for several days deteriorates meaning cleaning time can take twice as long or longer than cleaning with freshly made dry ice.

Less dry ice used
As the cleaning results are much better and quicker with fresh dry ice than with dry ice stored for several days, dry ice usage is significantly reduced. Making your own dry ice when you want it avoids lengthy storage which minimises dry ice sublimation losses. In-house dry ice production thus reduces dry ice use by 30-50 per cent.

More flexibility
Making your own dry ice means you can clean whenever you want. This allows dry ice cleaning to be easily integrated into the daily working process and be planned as fixed cycle times.

Improved Logistics
With in-house dry ice production you do not have to worry about where and when to buy your dry ice, what time it will be delivered and how long you have to store it. You can produce it on demand and just in time.

All these benefits lead to more flexibility in the daily working process.

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