Dry ice blasting technology from ASCO Carbon Dioxide Ltd has been used for efficient, cost-effective and gentle cleaning of different surfaces in numerous industries for years, and this range of applications now extends to high-quality vehicles.

Berlin-based company CAR FORCE – Autopflege has been using the company’s ASCOJET 908K dry ice blasting system for cleaning its high-priced luxury cars.

For owner Oliver Lucas, who has been working in the field of high-quality car maintenance for over two years and has been offering dry ice blast cleaning for more than a year, there is no looking back. He explained, “Personally, I call dry ice blasting method a milestone in maintenance of vehicles. Especially my clients who own sports cars and high-performance sports cars are already familiar with this method. Of course, the range of possible applications needs to be explained in individual services.”

“In any case, dry ice blasting is many times more efficient than traditional cleaning methods. The combination of conventional car care with dry ice blasting is the way to success – this is what my clients confirm repeatedly.”

Describing the benefits of using dry ice blasting technology, he added, “In short: it´s fast, effective, clean and yet gentle. The cleaning time is reduced considerably since no wet cleaning is required. Stains on seat upholstery and covers can be removed without any shadows left.”

“Before, the contamination was obliterated in fine openings of the dashboard due to the cleaning with rag and chemicals. Thanks to cleaning with dry ice everything can be completely removed – even from the most inaccessible corners. Thus, this cleaning method is absolutely unrivalled for our application.”

ASCO dry ice car cleaning

Source: ASCO Carbon Dioxide Ltd

CAR FORCE – Autopflege intends to keep using dry ice blasting technology in the future and notes that its application in the car cleaning business is clearly proven – the biggest obstacle it sees is overturning incorrect assumptions about the cost of this technology.

Reflecting on the company’s decision to use an ASCOJET 908K, Lucas added, “The ASCOJET 908K is a real all-rounder and the low consumption of compressed air is an added bonus: my compressed air system provides an air pressure of about 1,500 l/min at 6 bar. This is perfectly adequate for the cleaning of vehicle interiors or engines with dry ice.”