ASCO CARBON DIOXIDE LTD’s Managing Director Marco Pellegrino revealed earlier this year that the Switzerland-based corporation was “targeting big opportunities in the US,” which has been brought to fruition with the establishment of its new US-based subsidiary.

The carbon dioxide (CO2) specialist founded its new North American enterprise, named ASCO CARBON DIOXIDE Inc., in July this year, in order to reinforce its market position within the US dry ice blasting and dry ice production sectors.

The added business is based in Jacksonville, Florida, and also aims to strengthen customer support throughout the US and Canada.

Pellegrino explained why ASCO founded its new American subsidiary, “Customer proximity is a decisive factor for long-term success in our industry and is also a crucial cornerstone of the corporate culture at ASCO.”

“We will invest mainly in the construction of an active partner network in various regions of the US and densely populated Canadian provinces such as Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Alberta and British Columbia,” he continued. “This enables ASCO to ensure optimal on-site customer care by dedicated, well-trained staff.”

Dan gruber asco inc general manager

Dan Gruber, who hails from Florida and has been a member of the ASCO group for several years, has been made General Manager of the new North American enterprise. Gruber enthused that ASCO Inc. will enable the corporation “to meet individual customer requirements optimally in terms of rapid availability of CO2 machinery and CO2 plants,” in the US.

The establishment of ASCO Inc. seeks to grab a slice of the dry ice sector in the US, which gasworld’s Senior Business Analyst James Barr estimated to be worth approximately $750m in 2015. Barr explained, “The US market has witnessed average annual growth of approximately 3% over the past decade, with dry ice sales accounting for approximately 27% of all CO2 product sales in the country.”