Senegal soft drinks bottler Sodagem, from Dakar, is now producing its own carbon dioxide (CO2) after delivery of a new CO2 production plant from ASCO.

The La Rochette Dakar group decided to expand its business into the beverage industry with its own soft drinks company, Sodagem.

As Senegal does not currently offer a great deal of industry to recover CO2 as a by-product, a lack of available CO2 existed for soft drinks production.

Sodagem therefore decided to produce its own CO2 onsite, with a CO2 production plant from Swiss company ASCO Carbon Dioxide Ltd, a global provider of complete CO2 and dry ice solutions. With this new plant from ASCO, capable of producing 160kg CO2 per hour, Sodagem is now self-sufficient in CO2 supply and can work independently of the wider market conditions in Senegal.

“We are totally satisfied with the ASCO CO2 production plant,” enthused Nader Salhab, Co-Owner of Sodagem. “Thanks to ASCO we can profit from very good equipment and [have] had no problems at all since the commissioning.”

“Also, installation and training of our staff were arranged by ASCO very professionally.”