Carbon dioxide (CO2) solution provider, ASCO Carbon Dioxide Ltd, has introduced a new dry ice blasting machine, ASCO Nanojet, specially developed for the plastics industry.

The Swiss corporation said the new product launch is especially appreciated by injection moulders as it allows significant cost savings in mould and tool cleaning.

A company utilising this product is Säntis AG, provider of injection-moulded packaging solutions in the food and non-food sectors. Säntis cleans its injection moulds with a dry ice blasting unit from ASCO, allowing the company to manufacture moulds more cost-effectively.

Dominik Gartler, constructor at Säntis AG, explains the advantages that ASCO dry ice blasting offers to the company, “Cleaning our injection moulds with ASCO dry ice blasting technology was well worth it for us. The ASCO cleaning method allows to clean the moulds very gently and yet efficiently. Since it is not necessary to remove the moulds, they can be cleaned directly in the machine which guarantees shorter downtimes and greater efficiency. This allows us to drastically reduce maintenance times – a crucial success factor as it increases production efficiency significantly.”

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Source: ASCO Carbon Dioxide