Swiss carbon dioxide (CO2) specialist ASCO CARBON DIOXIDE LTD has launched the first product from its new generation of dry ice blasting machines.

Described as an ‘all-in-one’ package, the ASCO Nanojet has been specifically developed for the plastic industry yet it can be used for a range of other applications.

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The new ASCO Nanojet convinces with a precise, efficient and noise reduced operation.



It features a newly developed ergonomic gun nozzle and a blasting gun with an integrated cutter for a gentler cleaning operation, as well as a vertically adjusted handle and an integrated grounding roll for enhanced safety.

The integrated pellet grinder crushes dry ice pellets into fine, dry ice particles which are then blasted onto surface media for a more precise, consistent and faster surface clean.

CEO Marco Pellegrino explained, “Thanks to the greatly reduced compressed air consumption, the ASCO Nanojet has a significantly reduced noise level, resulting in a more comfortable working environment and greater safety during operation.”

Pellegrino added, “Decades of experience and an intensive exchange with customers worldwide allow us to recognise technologies that are required. We now meet these requirements with our new dry ice blasting machine.”

“The ASCO Nanojet scores with an excellent cleaning performance at extremely low dry ice and air consumption – that will convince any user for sure.”