ASCO Carbon Dioxide has launched a new digital product line offering customers a wide range of services in the areas of remote access, remote data and remote management for dry ice plants of the i-Series line.

According to the Swiss CO2 specialist, subscribers receive a monthly status report of the condition of their machines and recommendations for pelletiser maintenance.

This includes checking various temperature and pressure parameters and in addition, the production quantity, production time and liquid carbon dioxide consumption are recorded.

Remote assistance is offered in the event of machine malfunctions and production interruptions.

ASCO technicians can remotely assist the customer to correct the error or take the necessary steps to get the machines back into operation as quickly as possible.

3 Maschinen in Halle mit i-Series Logo

Source: ASCO Carbon Dioxide

The company said the ‘Basic’ service package is now available with ‘Premium’ and ‘Diamond’ to follow soon.

ASCO customers can access their personal ASCO platform at any time by login. In real time, detailed production data, machine status and error messages of their i-Series products are available.

ASCO said its dry ice machines P28i, P75i and BP420i are standardly delivered with the i-Series technology. The dry ice machine P15 is also available as i-Series model if required.

For the models P28, P75 and BP420 which have been delivered before 2020, retrofit kits are available in order to allow older models to also become part of the networked dry ice production – with all the advantages for an efficient and transparent utilisation.