Swiss carbon dioxide (CO2) specialist ASCO CARBON DIOXIDE LTD has developed a compact and easy-to-handle dry ice blasting machine, which is suitable for industrial applications.

The ASCOJET 1208 features a new modern frame design and self-explanatory pictograms. The newly integrated grounding roll and the pellet hopper’s protective grating help guarantee even safer handling during the dry ice blasting process.

ASCO’s Managing Director Marco Pellegrino explained, “This high-performance machine is characterised by its lightness. Thanks to the compact design, the ASCOJET 1208 is also suitable for more delicate cleaning work. Since dry ice blasting is a corrosion-free and non-abrasive process, even sensitive surfaces can be cleaned easily. The combination of high cleaning performance and relatively low compressed air consumption is an additional bonus.”

Ascojet  1208 weisser hintergrund