Carbon dioxide (CO2) solution provider, ASCO Carbon Dioxide Ltd, has launched an optimised, upgraded version of its previous Dry Ice Pelletizer A240P model, combining the Swiss corporation’s technical know-how in the field of dry ice.

The advanced ASCO Dry Ice Pelletizer P28 has a production capacity of up to 280kg an hour, converting liquid CO2 economically and autonomously into dry ice pellets in 3mm, 10mm and 16mm sizes.

Asco dry ice pelletizer p28

Source: ASCO Carbon Dioxide Ltd

The new ASCO Dry Ice Pelletizer P28 impresses with a modern design and a production capacity of up to 280kg/h (617 lbs/h).

The new compact machine features a seven-inch multi-touch screen, an aluminium press chamber and an optional rotatable discharge unit. According to the company, these upgrades result in higher user-friendliness, lower service needs and more efficient production processes.

Managing Director Marco Pellegrino commented, “The new ASCO Dry Ice Pelletizer P28 is yet another reliable and productive option in choosing the right machine for each requirement. For decades, ASCO has been the right address when it comes to building up or extending in-house dry ice production.”

As a standard feature across its pelletizer range, all ASCO’s machines now commence production automatically and stop once the desired amount of dry ice is reached.