With the purchase of a new ASCO CO2 hybrid production plant, one of the most popular food and beverage manufacturers in South Asia, based in Bangladesh, has made a future-proofing investment.

An unbroken CO2 supply cannot always be guaranteed, especially in third world and emerging markets. To avoid costly production downtimes and to control its competitiveness, the Bengal company decided to invest in its own CO2 on site production with the acquisition of an ASCO CO2 system.

Thanks to this investment, 1,000kg (approx. one tonne) of liquid CO2 per hour will soon be produced on the company´s premises. The self-produced CO2 will provide a purity of up to 99.998%. This final liquid purity lies even above the required ISBT quality guidelines and therefore completely corresponds with the requirements of food and beverage standards worldwide.

The fully automatic ASCO CO2 system is based on latest technology and contains a low concentrated amine solution to extract high-quality, gaseous CO2 out of generated stack gas resulting from burning fossil fuels. Additionally a special feature of this construction: The customer-specific hybrid plant has also the capability to recover CO2 from an existing flue gas stream which is already produced during the food and beverage production. All processes happen in the most efficient way and at significantly lower production costs. Thanks to this CO2 stack gas recovery, the company adds less CO2 into the atmosphere, which reduces the ecological footprint and contributes to the companies goals towards environmental sustainability.

Besides the remarkable economic and ecological aspects, the ASCO CO2 system provides a flexible layout and an extremely efficient operation with a supplier wide know-how for over 120 years.

The new plant will be in operation in Bangladesh by the client and ASCO engineers later this year.