ASCO has closed a big contract with Sidem France to supply equipment to complement the world’s biggest desalination plant being built by the company, in Saudi Arabia.

ASCO will supply the CO2 production plants, storage tanks and dosing systems to complement the desalination plant, which Sidem France has been contracted to build at the Jubail Water and Power Company in Marafiq, in the Industrial City of Jubail, Saudi Arabia.

In order to meet the deadline for the fulfilment of its contract with Jubail Water System, Sidem made the decision to airfreight the complete plant.

The company contacted ASCO and gave instructions to prepare an airfreight shipment of the complete plant, a challenge ASCO has never had to rise to in its 30 plus years of market presence.

Such a plant would normally fill two 40ft seafreight containers, as well as a 20ft seafreight container, with a total gross weight of 31 tons - the size of three big travelling coaches.

ASCO was able to overcome the challenge it in a very short time, supported by its team at ASCO New Zealand, its sister company located in Christchurch.

It was also given professional support and advice from SB Logistics, which was in charge of the packaging and truck transport to Auckland Airport.

From confirmation of the airfreight to having all 17 packages at the airport in Auckland, including special airfreight packaging and trucking to Auckland, only 14 days have passed.