Norwegian company Horisont Energi (Horisont) will work with logistics and supply company ASCO Norge (ASCO) based on a 4-year agreement contract for ASCO to supply services to Horisont relating to its ammonia production factory.

ASCO will provide support for choosing a site for the onshore facility, which will produce ‘clean’ ammonia from natural gas and renewable energy. Carbon dioxide (CO2) will be captured doing the process before being stored permanently in a sandstone reservoir under the seabed off the coast of Finnmark, Northern Norway.

Through its logistic and supply ability, ASCO will also provide solutions for parts of the project including marine services, base and port services, materials management and control, transport and customs clearance, and waste management.

“Through the Barents Blue project, Horisont Energy and project partners are in the process of creating a new global production region for clean ammonia on a par with the largest ammonia production regions in the world,” said Bjørgulf Haukelidsæter, CEO, Horisont.

The gas is often used in the industrial sector within fertiliser production. Expected to be used as a climate-neutral fuel in the future, ammonia is the world’s second most used industrial gas.

Calling it a ‘very important contract’, Runar Hatletvedt, CEO, ASCO, said that it confirms the company’s dedication to sustainable solutions.