Switzerland’s ASCO CARBON DIOXIDE LTD has released its smallest and “most handy” dry ice blasting unit in its technology portfolio.

Ascojet 608 k16 picture 1


The new ASCOJET 608 has an integrated pellet grinder which crushes dry ice into the finest particles for an even gentler cleaning of moulds and surfaces.

Featuring an integrated pellet grinder, vertically adjustable handle and in-built grounding roll, the ASCOJET 608 produces a high cleaning performance whilst maintaining low compressed air consumption.

The unit utilises its pellet grinder to produce fine ice particles for gentle surface and mould cleaning. The ASCOJET 608 has been designed for use in the plastics and rubber industry.

Manging Director Marco Pellegrino emphasised, “ASCOJET 608 not only reduces costs but also meets the high quality standards for cleaning and surface preparation in the field of injection moulding and mould cleaning.”

ASCO will unveil the new machine for the first time at K 2016, the world’s premier trade show for plastics and rubber, which takes place from 19th-26th of October in Düsseldorf, Germany.