Having last year celebrated its 40th anniversary, Switzerland’s ASCO Carbon Dioxide Ltd has taken the opportunity to modernise the company’s visual market presence and unveiled a new corporate design.

The new ASCO corporate design was designed in close cooperation with creative minds. The modern CI/CD, including a new logo and a user-friendly website, should make all positive changes in recent years outwardly visible, the company said.

New asco slogan april 2016

Simple and contemporary: ASCO’s new logo represents all company changes and additions to the portfolio in recent years

The new logo is still blue and represents the company´s existing values and skills optimally. ASCO’s credo ‘All about CO2’ has been integrated as an inherent part of the logo because it says what all customers need to know: ASCO is exclusively dedicated to this gas in all its facets and variations.

Three cross-pieces in different shades of blue set a discreet design element and represent the three states of carbon dioxide (CO2): solid, liquid and gaseous.

ASCO CEO Marco Pellegrino set the framework for the visual renewal and explained, “ASCO is an established company with many long-term customers. We felt it was very important to combine the values and the fact of high recognition of our existing appearance with the new features and innovations of the last years.”

The more modern appearance should represent our enhanced strategy as well as our increased competences on the wide field of CO2 applications

“The more modern appearance should represent our enhanced strategy as well as our increased competences on the wide field of CO2 applications.”

The company, headquartered in Romanshorn, is keen to point out, however, that while there may be a new look the same core values remain. “The message to our customers and all interested parties is very clear: We do have a new appearance but our values remain the same,” Pellegrino added.

“These visual changes should only reflect our company´s transformation over the years including our extended product portfolio. Thus, our appearance is as up-to-date as our technologies.”

He went on to comment, ”With this rebrand, we want to present ourselves in a new way to the market – to show that we are modern and that there is a lot of innovative power in house. I think we are already in our completely new market and new field, and so I think we saw the need to communicate to the market that we have a lot more possibilities today. We are coming out of the restructuring phase and we are showing that we are able to give even more to our customers than we used to do in the past.”