Leading Swiss CO2 company ASCO Carbon Dioxide Ltd is waxing lyrical about its contribution to the world of dry ice blast cleaning, an offering heightened by the introduction of its new ASCOJET 908K.

The efficient cleaning of moulds and tools is becoming increasingly important, not only to improve quality and productivity, but also to reduce costs by minimising wear of moulds and tools and avoiding shut-down time.

With its ASCOJET dry ice blasting technology, Swiss company ASCO offers a powerful yet gentle cleaning method to clean all kind of moulds and tools, such as plastic injection moulds, moulds for PU-production, ingot moulds, and core boxes.

ASCO specialises in integrating dry ice blasting into the daily work process and already, many companies in the plastic and foundry sector have benefited from this experience.

This innovative cleaning method offers a whole range of advantages, all of which are harnessed in the new ASCOJET 908K dry ice blasting unit.

Especially developed for the plastics industry, the new product affords easy handling, low air consumption, and a handy gun with a specially designed short plastic nozzle. This way, ASCO affirms, moulds can be cleaned online without fear of damage & dismantling.

Manufacturers, particularly those in the sector of plastic injection moulding, are believed to appreciate the newly launched unit, which provides significant cost savings for tool and mould cleaning.