The new ASCOJET Combi blaster 1708 expands the product portfolio of ASCO CARBON DIOXIDE LTD, based in the Swiss Romanshorn, for the first time ever - including a dry ice blasting technology with abrasive properties.

This demonstrates the company’s reaction to the ever-growing demand for cleaning processes with additives.

With the launch of the ASCOJET Combi blaster 1708, ASCO once again demonstrates its expertise in the field of CO2 and dry ice. Continuous open dialogue with customers and users enabled it to recognise the existing market demand for cleaning processes with slightly abrasive properties. Therefore, the existing concept of ASCOJET dry ice blasting technology, which was used with dry ice pellets exclusively so far, was extended to an additional option.

Based on the long-time technological know-how of the engineers at Asco Carbon Dioxide Ltd, the new dry ice blasting unit ASCOJET Combi blaster 1708 is equipped with a new developed dosing device which allows the use of an additional blasting material in the dry ice stream. Thanks to this system, customers receive the best combination of gentle cleaning with dry ice pellets and the additional abrasive effect of a carefully selected additive.

This turns the ASCOJET Combi blaster 1708 into the perfect, complementary symbiosis: Only the additive addition makes dry ice blasting abrasive and thus increases the effectiveness of this technology for certain applications to achieve a highly efficient result. In return, dry ice blasting supports the erosive effect of the abrasive blasting material and also provides optimum protection of material due to the dry ice´s cooling effect. Thereby, it protects the surface from overheating which can be the case with pure abrasive blasting processes. Limited use of blasting material ensures that low dust is formed and for this reason only a minimal secondary pollution is generated. The well-tried advantages of ASCOJET dry ice blasting units, such as an easy operation and a self-explanatory operator panel, have been retained in the new ASCOJET Combi blaster 1708. Due to a higher cleaning performance, the device can be operated with less compressed air which leads to a considerable reduction of noise emission – an important criteria for each customer. In addition, a stainless steel cover prevents corrosion during use and the low need of material and air consumption guarantees an economical operation of the combined dry ice blasing unit.

“In the following way, ASCOJET Combi blaster 1708 can be used anywhere where normal dry ice blasters are pushed to their limits because of their non-abrasive effect,” the company said in a stament, adding, “By way of example foundries can clean and/or occasionally roughen their ingot moulds and core boxes efficiently and directly on the machine. The forms are hardly cooled, production can be resumed immediately after the cleaning process and expensive downtimes can be avoided.”

“Last but not least, let´s pay regard to the extraordinary flexibility of the ASCOJET Combi blaster 1708. Users can choose at any time between pure dry ice blasting or combination blasting with dry ice pellets and additive.”

The company can be visited at GIFA, held from the 16th to 20th June 2015 in Düsseldorf, Germany, Hall 15 / E08.