Hukla Möbel GmbH in Gengenbach, Germany has chosen the technologies and services of Swiss company ASCO Carbon Dioxide Ltd to ensure its mould cleaning and machine maintenance is of the highest quality.

Hukla in Gengenbach will be relying on the gentle ASCOJET dry ice blasting technology of ASCO, and the ASCOJET 908 unit in particular.

Hukla manufactures diverse components for upholstered furniture used in residential living areas, such as seat cushions and armrests. Quality is the benchmark for all activities at Hukla, even for its mould cleaning requirements.

These standards require that the company looks for a residue-free cleaning method for its PU foaming tools, one which could easily be integrated into the process. The ASCOJET 908 unit that was chosen for the task gently and effectively cleans the moulds. In addition, Hukla also uses the ASCOJET dry ice blasting process for maintaining its machines and purchases its dry ice requirements from ASCO.

Prior to the introduction of the dry ice blasting process, cleaning meant time-consuming scrubbing by hand using brushes and scrapers. Thus, such time wasting is now a thing of the past for Hukla.

“Depending on the size of the moulds, we now only need 30 minutes to an hour for cleaning, whereas we used to need approx. four hours,” stated Markus Gross, Foam Production Manager.

In addition to the considerable time savings, Gross views various other advantages of the dry ice blasting as paramount. This is because the dry ice directly sublimates upon impact with the surface, meaning no secondary waste. There is also a significant reduction in tool wear since dry ice cleaning does not damage moulds or tools in any way, extending their service life and reducing costs considerably.

Why did HUKLA choose ASCO? Gross explains, “ASCO had on one hand, the best value for our money and on other, presented us cleaning solutions specifically tailored to our needs.”