Carbon dioxide (CO2) solutions provider ASCO CARBON DIOXIDE LTD has been celebrating a successful 2016, culminating in a visit from Messer Group’s CEO Stefan Messer at gasworld’s South East Asia Industrial Gas Conference held earlier this month.

Messer stopped into ASCO’s booth at the conference to compare notes on common topics, as ASCO has been part of the international industrial gas enterprise since 2007 and is the company’s competence centre for CO2.

Asco gets visit from stefan messer

ASCO gets visit from Stefan Messer

Source: ASCO

From left to right: Jürg Maron (ASCO Regional Sales Director CO2 Systems), Stefan Messer (CEO of the Messer Group) and Marius Gorczyca (Director Sales & Engineering at ASCO) talked about the many impressions and encounters of the three-day event.

Marius Gorczyca, Director of Sales and Engineering, and Jürg Maron, Regional Sales Director for CO2 Systems, represented ASCO at the event. Gorczyca commented, “We were very happy about Mr. Messer’s visit and this gasworld conference was a big success for ASCO. In addition to a large number of interesting discussions, we were also able to receive a dozen inquiries regarding CO2 recovery systems and dry ice machines – especially from the Asian region.”

The event held in Bangkok, Thailand, from 6th-8th December caps off a successful year for ASCO. From its rebrand into a new visual identity in May, the launch of optimised dry ice equipment and the opening of a new office base in the US, the European business has enhanced its strategy and advanced its skills in CO2 applications over the past 12 months.

As Managing Director Marco Pellegrino reinforced, “ASCO CO2 plants are equipped with the latest technology, adapted to the particular situation of our customers. The new look emphasizes ASCO’s advanced technological expertise. We continue to be expansion-oriented and pursue a variety of projects, especially in the wide field of CO2 recovery.”


In addition to optimising its CO2 plant design, ASCO has also invested heavily in its dry ice technology, launching two new products in recent months. The company first launched the dry ice pelletizer P28, a compact and powerful dry ice pellet producing machine with a capacity of 280kg per hour, before rolling out its “most handy” dry ice blasting machine, the ASCOJET 608. Pellegrino said the addition of these two machines “completes ASCO’s dry ice blasting portfolio.”

ASCO also expanded geographically in 2016. To achieve optimum customer support in North America, ASCO founded its US subsidiary Asco Carbon Dioxide INC (ASCO Inc.) based in Jacksonville, Florida, of which Pellegrino explains, “A local sales team and a well-maintained network of sales partners will ensure rapid availability of dry ice machines for US customers.”

The company said it will continue to develop new technologies into the New Year, with Pellegrino stating, “We want to be the experts in all matters concerning CO2 and dry ice. Especially in the field of CO2 recovery we are absolutely competitive today which we are going to prove by implementing other major projects.”