The increasingly significant chemicals industry in China and the ever-developing Asia-Pacific region will be under the spotlight at the 12th Asia-Pacific Confederation of Chemical Engineering Meeting in Dalian, China this August.

The Asia-Pacific Confederation of Chemical Engineering (APCChE) is the confederation of chemical engineering groups in Asian and Asia-Pacific region, with the objectives of building-up and keeping association between chemical engineering groups, bringing benefit to human beings through chemical engineering, and to promote the exchange and share of information and practice concerning chemical engineering, among a number of other priorities.

The confederation meeting, held every two years, is an important activity of APCChE and well renowned both in Asia-Pacific region and chemical engineering circles across the world. China, as its 13th member, took part in this confederation in 2004.

The 11th session was held in Malaysia in 2006, with the 12th to be held in China this year from the 4th – 6th August. Thirteen academic delegations from member nations across the Asian and Pacific area with more than 1,000 experts, scholars and government officials will present in the seminar. A range of topics will be discussed including the task of chemical science in developing new chemical techniques, challenges facing chemical science workers in the sustainable development through green techniques in ever-developing Asia- Pacific region, and the education of chemical engineering, among others.

The 10th Asian Pacific Confederation of Chemical Engineering Meeting, with the sustainable development technology of human beings as its theme, was held in Kitakyushu International Conference Centre in Japan.

As a pillar industry in the national economy, the ever-growing chemical industry in China is closely related with other fields of the national economy and people’s life – and a market of much potential. After around fifty years of development, the chemical industrial system in China can now cover extensive fields with a comparatively complete category, a generally completely merchandised set of assortment and can basically meet the domestic demand.

The Chinese chemical market apparently ranks among the leading such market in the world, according to the amount of production and sale. Many chemical giants over the world have begun to establish research and development departments in China with the purpose of supporting their long term development in this area. The ever-growing and promising chemical market in China has provided a precious opportunity for multinational chemical corporations for their sustainable development.

The Asia Pacific Confederation of Chemical Engineers (APCChE) was founded in 1975 through the efforts of Professor T. Mizushima of Kyoto University, Japan. Formed to provide a focus for various non-profit societies, associations and institutions working in the field of Chemical Engineering in the Asian Pacific region, APPChE comprises of member societies in 13 countries and regions.

These include the People’s Republic of China, Korea, Japan , New Zealand, Thailand, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The American Institute of Chemical Engineers and the Institution of Chemical Engineers (UK) are also corresponding members.