Global Gases India Pvt. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Dubai-based Global Gases Group FZCO, is pleased to announce the opening of its new industrial gases fill plant located in the Chennai Industrial Area in Tamil Nadu.

The 1,600 square meter facility is Global Gases’ first gas production facility in India.  Global Gases previously opened a sales and administrative office in Mumbai.

The Chennai facility will initially focus its efforts on supplying industrial gases, including helium, to research & development institutes, the space research industry, MRI installations, chemical and pharmaceutical companies located in south Indian states including Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala.  Over the longer term, Global Gases intends to focus its efforts in India on supplying gases to offshore diving, welding, MRI and specialty gas markets.

Including the new facility in Chennai, the Global Gases Group now has a business presence in 21 countries, including eleven helium transfill facilities.  Global Gases has plans to complete two additional helium transfills during 2014.

Deepak Mehta, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Global Gases Group stated, “India is where my father’s business, Pure Helium, first started out.  After building a successful business outside of India, I am very excited to establish Global Gases’ first operating facility in India.  We are very optimistic about our ability to grow our business in India.”

While attending the Chennai facility’s inauguration ceremony, which was held on  February 28, 2014, Anand Mehta, the owner of Pure Helium India Pvt. Ltd. prior to its sale to Air Liquide, commented, “I wish Global Gases India success with their Chennai facility as well as other facilities and future investments in the Indian market.”

About the Global Gases Group

The Global Gases Group FZCO, a rapidly expanding industrial gases company with operations in twenty one countries, is the leading independent supplier of gases to the offshore diving market.  Global Gases operates an expanding network of gas fill plants, helium transfills, specialty gas production and equipment manufacturing operations with existing facilities in Afghanistan, Bethlehem (Pennsylvania, USA), Cape Town, Chennai, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne, Nanjing, Perth, Poti (Georgia), Singapore and Zhongshan (China). Global Gases also supplies helium, other gases and related services to the US military’s aerostat program in Afghanistan.