VRV has been awarded the contract for the entire cryogenic tank package of the biggest shop-built tank ever produced in India (433,000 litres) by Ellenbarrie Industrial Gases Ltd (EIGL), a member of Air Water Inc. Group.

VRV’s partnership with EIGL has grown exponentially over the years and the company has bestowed faith on VRV’s engineering, manufacturing and project execution capabilities by awarding the entire cryogenic tank construction package to VRV comprising of two tanks of 433,000 litres and one tank of 128,000 litres.

The 433,000 litre tank is the largest cryogenic shop-built vacuum-perlite insulated storage tank that is going to be installed and operated In India. These tanks will be used to store and distribute Liquid Nitrogen & Liquid Oxygen produced from EIGL’s air separation plant.

This was a major shift from the past, as EIGL always used to adopt field erected flat-bottom tanks for their Air Separation plant requirements. However, the customer realised the advantages of VRV tanks which can reduce losses, and offers the flexibility of storage volume, relocation if necessary, the faster withdrawal of liquid, are compact and have a shorter lead time.

Successful execution of such large projects reiterates the world-class design, engineering and manufacturing capability of VRV.