Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment has announced that it has produced a brochure to help companies that use laser cutting processes to select the equipment that is best suited to their particular application, covering all three categories of laser gases, assist-shield gases and purge gases.

High powered CO2 lasers are used increasingly in metal fabrication applications for such jobs as cutting metal plate and sheet, but in order to function properly these lasers require gases at various flow rates, pressures and purity levels.

Gases designed to be used in industrial laser applications are often classified into three categories, these being laser gases, assist-shield gases and purge gases, and each of these require specialised delivery systems.

The right choice of both equipment and gas for differing applications is crucial and the company's new brochure explains, “High-purity grades of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and helium are the most commonly used gases. They can be delivered to the user premixed or in component form. Maintaining a high level of purity while providing constant pressure and uninterrupted supply are the most critical requirements when selecting equipment for a lasing gas delivery system.”

Manual changeover systems are suitable for use in applications where gas consumption is low and Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment has developed a manual changeover system, its LMW Series, that the company said provides ultra high-purity laser gas delivery for installations that do not require automatic changeover.

The LMW Series system is designed with a two-stage, brass bar stock regulator for two cylinder banks, with the regulator able to be switched manually from an in-service to a reserve bank. The technology adds to the company’s PCS, CRS Series of automatic changeover equipment, designed to provide a continuous supply of laser gas from two or more high-purity cylinders.

These systems allow the user to deplete gas in a cylinder, and are designed to avoid gas outages and the waste of unused gas that can result from premature change outs.