Praxair Mexico, a subsidiary of Praxair, Inc. has begun activity at a new air separation unit (ASU) in Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

The latest addition to Praxair Mexico’s ASU portfolio offers a daily capacity of 400 tons. In combination, the firm has also increased its liquid storage capacity at the San Nicolas Industrial Complex in the Monterrey metropolitan region of Nuevo Leon.

Murilo Melo, President and General Director of Praxair Mexico, commented, “This investment positions Praxair to meet growing industrial demand in the region with a reliable supply of high quality products and services. It demonstrates Praxair’s long-term commitment to our customers and to Mexico.”

The latest facility constitutes part of the San Nicolas Complex where Praxair already operates an ASU and carbon dioxide plant. Thanks to the extended works, oxygen, nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide will be delivered by a 80km pipeline, and as liquids, to serve a range of clients in the country’s northern region.