The air separation plant manufactured by Cryogenmash has been successfully put into operation at Severodonetsk company “Azot” in the Ukraine, according to the rapidly advancing Russian industrial gases company.

The cryogenic unit ASP КтА-16/18 allows for the production of around 16, 000 m3 (510 tpd) of gaseous oxygen and 18, 000 m3 (530 tpd) of gaseous nitrogen per hour, while also providing liquid oxygen and nitrogen.

The plant is designed according to an air low-pressure diagram with the use of up-to-date effective processes, units of equipment and machines.

“Traditionally the Ukrainian metallurgical and petrochemical enterprises are customers of Cryogenmash equipment. According to the results of 2007 the export deliveries made 22% of the total volume of sales of products. We predict that in the current year the share of export will be about one third of our return,” says Dmitry Ermolov, General Director of Cryogenmash.

Alexander Rovt, the Chairman of Supervisory Board of ZAO ‘Severodonetskoe objedinenie Azot’ is convinced by the investments and the strategy the company has implemented, “The investments we have made for the previous 2.5 years now begin to yield fruits. The simple example is the air separation shop. The savings of the whole company only after implementation of new equipment here makes 25% of electric power. And in this shop proper – above 50%. If we follow such way further, we naturally must reach the greater prosperity of our company.”