The air separation unit ASU-60 of Azovstal, included in Group Metinvest, was put into operation on 1st November and the start up of the new unit will address an oxygen deficit and contribute to the strategic aim of producing 8 million tpy of high quality steel.

Working in 4 different modes, the new ASU allows for flexible oxygen-converter production and will make 40,000 м3 of high pressure oxygen per hour and 20,000 м3 of low pressure oxygen per hour.

As well as producing oxygen, a number of other gases and mixtures will be provided, including nitrogen, argon, a neon-helium mixture, liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon and a raw krypton-xenon mixture.

The volume of investment is thought to reach around $73,000 and the Azovstal metallurgical plant is included in the top 3 rated Ukrainian metallurgical enterprises for the production of cast iron steel, producing more than 6.2 million tones of cast iron and 6.4 million tones of steel.