Newly formed company \\$quot;˜The Linde Group\\$quot; will divest a portion of their business in accordance to an order issued by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

The business to be divested must be held separate until a buyer is found and approved. This held separate business, known as the Bulk Business Group (BBG), is the fifth largest producer of merchant liquid products in the U.S. The BBG will continue to be part of Linde Gas LLC until it is sold to a qualified buyer.

The FTC order requires Linde to divest eight air separation plants and three terminals, including the LOX, LIN and LAR customers they serve.

"The BBG is a viable, profitable organization," commented Kevin McBride, Linde\\$quot;s BBG VP and general manager. "We are diligently working with our customers to make this a seamless transition for them."