Atlas Copco Rental Brazil was contracted to deliver an onsite nitrogen (N2) generator for a major project in Brazil by the Netherlands-based business, Mourik.

Back in 2011, a chief Brazilian oil and gas company signed an agreement to buy catalytic chemicals, delivered in rented bins, for refineries in the Northeast of the South American country.

However, due to project delays, the bins were not returned in the timeframe stated by the original contract and the company started to rack up expensive rental bills. It then contracted catalyst handling specialist, Mourik, to supply an alternative solution.

Mourik then sourced Atlas Copco Rental to supply an onsite N2 generator as the most cost-effective, timely solution.

Atlas Copco’s skid-mounted generator central unit supplies N2 at 100m3 per hour and produces gas at 97% purity. The design consists of a N2 generator and a 420 litre N2 vessel.

Atmospheric conditions for transporting the catalysts had to be inert with the entire project, from design to delivery, under a one-month time restriction in order to transport the chemicals safely. 

Valmir Ferreira Mascarenhas Neto, Mechanical Engineer at Mourik, stated, “The service was finalised six days earlier [than necessary] and everything worked out very well with the N2 membrane.”