Atlas Copco Rental, a division of sustainable solutions provider Atlas Copco, has been contracted to supply a customised nitrogen (N2) solution to inert dangerous levels of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) during a sour crude oil loading project in Houston.

Equipment manufacturer Envent Corporation designed a scrubber system to scrub the potentially lethal H2S out of the vapour stream during regular scheduled loadings in Texas, but N2 was needed to inert the vapour stream prior to entering the scrubbing system.

As a solution, Atlas Copco configured a customised offer including a NGM 3000 N2 membrane on a trailer, three XRVS 1350s diesel-driven mobile air compressors, a receiver tank, berms and nine hoses that delivered 500-1,400 cubic feet per minute (cfm) of N2 at 100 pounds per square inch (psi) with purity above 95%.

As a result, Atlas Copco was able to deliver a variable cfm flow whist maintaining the required psi outlet pressure. 

The Atlas Copco Rental team was responsible for setting up the equipment for the first test, which latest around 10 hours. Once the equipment was fully set up, the customer’s crew took over and completed its first full loading within days. The entire testing period is ongoing and should last approximately two months.

A statement from Atlas Copco said it was selected to supply its customised N2 solution because of its “high quality equipment and excellent safety standard.”

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