Atlas Copco is the first manufacturer to have its vacuum pumps checked for traces of oil by TÜV Rheinland in accordance with the ISO 8573-1 standard.

Since October 2018 three different types of oil-free vacuum pumps were measured and certified, the oil-free claw vacuum pumps DZS, the oil-free screw vacuum pump DHS VSDand the new Atlas Copco innovation of oil-free liquid ring pumps LRP VSD+.    

All three pumps met the strict requirements and have been classified by TÜV as completely oil-free in the best “Class 0”, that means: Certified Environmental friendliness, zero risk of oil contamination, safety for applications and people health.

The measurements were carried out with an oil removal device at the outlet between the pumps and measurements membrane.

The three pumps were certified by TÜV Rheinland that no traces of aerosol oil (concentration below 0.01 mg/m3) could be detected in the exhaust air flow. 

The vacuum pumps were certified by the testers to be completely harmless to the quality of the ambient air during the process, because oil-induced damage to sensitive applications and products cannot occur.

“The differences between the individual ISO classes can be decisive for vacuum users in many industries, similar to the classification in compressor technology. Only “Class 0” vacuum pump can guarantee oil-free exhaust air. Accordingly, only pumps of this class can be classified as safe for sensitive applications,” said Stephan Voellmecke, Product Manager Utility Vacuum.

Completely oil-free vacuum pumps from Atlas Copco are used in a variety of sensitive areas – in food processing and packaging processes, in the production of semiconductors or medicines, and in the paper industry.