Audi will have a small series of hydrogen (H2) fuel cell cars on the road in 2020, the car giant revealed at its annual press conference yesterday.

In a speech to attendees, Rupert Stadler (below), Chairman of the Board of Management of Audi AG, began by saying he would be talking about new departures – “this means that we are breaking with old ways and meeting new challenges”.

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Source: Audi

He revealed the German car manufacturer’s drive-system strategy includes an initial small series with fuel cells, which it will put on the road in 2020.

“Because H2 is another perfect energy source for the electric mobility of tomorrow,” Stadler explained. “Furthermore, we are researching into other synthetic fuels that can be used in existing engines to conserve resources and protect the climate.”

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Source: Audi

“Why are we changing our entire organisation and our mindset so fundamentally? We are doing it for our customers. Sustainability is far more than complying with environmental laws. It is required by society, and we have a proactive approach.”

“I am convinced that the customers of tomorrow will make their purchasing decisions dependent also on how credibly and sustainably a brand acts. That’s why we are working so hard: on the design of interiors and exteriors, on comfort and quality, on all of our future electric cars, and on our way to autonomous driving.”