Hydrogen Mobility Australia has announced that Australian governments will develop a National Hydrogen Strategy and outline a pathway for Australia to create a domestic and export hydrogen sector.

Approved by the COAG Energy Council, the National Hydrogen Strategy will determine a coordinated way forward to maximise Australia’s competitive advantages including becoming a major global hydrogen player.

The strategy to be developed throughout 2019 and implemented from 2020 will focus on policies and measures to enable the domestic use of hydrogen in a variety of areas including transport and refuelling infrastructure.

“For our cars to our homes, our cities to our industries, and from our country to the world, hydrogen can be a key player in our clean energy future and Australia is in a strong position to reap its benefits,” said Claire Johnson, CEO of Hydrogen Mobility Australia.

“For us to recognise a future with less emissions, great economic gains and healthier outcomes, we must act now to build infrastructure, develop policies and incentives, and produce an environment where hydrogen production, supply and use thrive. A national hydrogen strategy will allow us to do exactly that,” Johnson continued.

The use of hydrogen as a transport fuel can reduce emissions and the world’s reliance on fossil fuels. The decision to develop a National Hydrogen Strategy is positive way forward for Australia to take advantage of the ever-building transition to clean hydrogen around the world.

Hydrogen is anticipated to create thousands of jobs for Australians, as well as increase export capacity and build the economy, while fuelling a cleaner future for Australia.