Australian gases company, Coregas, today announced it is set to supply hydrogenfor Hyundai’s new hydrogen-powered concept car, the Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell.

Hyundai is currently installing Australia’s first hydrogen fuel cell refuelling station at its headquarters in Macquarie Park, NSW (New South Wales) ready to commence operations early next year. 

Coregas will supply high purity compressed hydrogen to the refuelling station, which is a special hydrogen storage and dispensing system. Coregas worked closely with Air Products, an international gases company and supplier of the refuelling station, to provide a complete refuelling solution for Hyundai.

When mixed with air, hydrogen burns ‘clean’ leaving only water, reducing the environmental impact of the vehicle. Longer term plans include production of hydrogen on site using solar energy and electrolysers, meaning the scheme will eventually be entirely green, emitting no harmful by-products and not burning fossil fuels.

Whilst countries in Europe and America already have hydrogen-powered cars and buses, and have begun installing networks of refuelling stations along ‘hydrogen highways’, Hyundai’s concept car is the first vehicle of its kind to be permanently imported into Australia.

It is hoped this will be a first step toward a wider hydrogen network in the country.

“Since we work with Hyundai at other locations around the world by providing hydrogen mobile fuellers in the US and are leasing a Hyundai FCEV Tucson in Europe, we are thrilled to be working with Hyundai in Australia so they can fuel and showcase their vehicle and its benefits first-hand.  We continue to develop our relationships with Hyundai and other vehicle manufacturers to highlight the benefits of hydrogen as a clean fuel, and the benefits of fuel cell electric drive trains as a zero emission automotive propulsion system at locations around the world,” said Chris Kretz, Business Development Manager for Hydrogen Energy Systems at Air Products.