The Australian Government has welcomed feedback from the public after opening its public consultation on the five areas shortlisted for the 2021 Offshore Greenhouse Gas Storage Acreage Release.

Opening today, September 14th, the release provides an opportunity for Australia’s industrial sector to seek permanent geological carbon dioxide (CO2) storage and prioritise decarbonisation.

Commenting on the necessity for the acreage release, Keither Pitt, Minister for Resources and Water, Australian Government, said, “The 2021 Offshore Greenhouse Gas Storage Acreage Release will play an integral role in supporting Australia’s resources sector to maintain Australia’s position as an energy export leader, whilst supporting global emission reductions.”

The consultation will also inform a decision to release an area for bidding, according to Pitt.

Welcoming feedback from stakeholders, the Minister encouraged all interested parties to provide feedback on the nominated locations.

The deadline for submissions is set for October 12th, 2021.