Plug Power’s hydrogen fuel cell solutions are proving their value with material handling customers across North America.

Customers who have chosen GenKey have opted for Plug Power’s complete, turn-key solution that provides GenDrive fuel cells for their material handling vehicles, installation of an onsite GenFuel infrastructure with hydrogen fuel, storage and indoor fuelling dispensers, and Plug Power’s year-round GenCare maintenance service package.

One notable group that has recognised the advantages of hydrogen fuel cells is the automotive manufacturing market. To-date, Plug Power has helped Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Honda best utilise GenDrive power, and in some cases the complete GenKey solution. These auto manufacturers have found that they can easily adopt hydrogen fuel cells to power the material distribution fleets supporting their vehicle assembly operations. The result – superior benefits and lower operational costs.

In a statement, the company said, “With our hydrogen and fuel cell solution, Plug Power’s core business provides predictability, productivity, sustainability, and workforce safety. The larger the fleet and the more inventory moved, the stronger the value proposition becomes. In other words, the elements of GenKey bring stronger value to automotive industry operations, where material handling fleets spend the day loading and unloading very heavy containers of auto parts that are used in vehicle assembly plants.”

“Plug Power is not only developing value propositions that prove the economic benefits of GenDrive for automotive industry material handling fleets, it is also helping auto manufacturing customers around the globe plan their strategies for deployment of the complete GenKey solution.”