Avanti Energy has confirmed that its Rankin 01-17 and WNG11-22 wells, on its Greater Knappen property in Montana, US, have shown helium concentrations of 1.1% based on multiple samples.

The helium exploration company on Thursday (17th Feb) confirmed the finding as it shared additional information from both of its sites.

From the data, WNG 11-22 confirmed the presence of a potentially large helium reservoir over a twin structure in Greater Kappen.

Chris Bakker, Avanti Energy CEO, said, “The Avanti team is very pleased to announce the interim result of our first two wells.”

“While the initial data is impressive, we note that future completions operations are expected to significantly improve the deliverability of both the WNG 11-22 and Rankin 01-17 wells.” 

“The team had identified up to 10 prospective structures in its Greater Knappen property and, duo to the WNG well penetrating a structure with a twin, the work to date has shown potentially economic helium in structure with seven remaining to investigate.”

Bakker continued, “The upside potential of Greater Knappen will be further explored through the next set of drilling locations which we expect to announce in the coming months.”